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I am a strong advocate in the field of criminal defense, with a long record in public legal service. After graduating with honors from Salem College, I received my J.D. from Campbell Law School. I began my 20-year long legal career by dedicating my time to helping those in need during some of their most trying times, in my work at both Legal Aid and the Public Defender’s office. I served as a domestic violence attorney for Legal Aid of Northwest North Carolina, where I litigated 50B actions and custody manners, in addition to teaching pro se divorce and custody clinics in Forsyth County and authoring pro se litigation materials. During that time, through The Children's Law Center, I was appointed as Guardian ad Litem in several high conflict/low income custody cases. I was then offered a position at the Forsyth County Public Defender’s office, where I represented numerous indigent defendants in misdemeanor and felony cases in both District and Superior Courts.

In 2015, I transitioned to private practice, where I have successfully handled a wide variety of domestic and criminal litigation matters. I have practiced in Forsyth, Stokes, Surry, Guilford, and Randolph Counties. During my time in private practice, I remain guided by the steadfast commitment to justice and fairness which inspired my career when I was in sixth grade. I currently serve clients facing misdemeanor and felony charges throughout Guilford County in both Greensboro and High Point.


I recently spoke with a client that I represented more than five years ago.* An individual with no criminal record and a compelling story resulting in very serious charges. She was facing a significant amount of prison time and needed mercy in our justice system. Through a great amount of hard work and with the compassion of the prosecutors, my client's freedom was preserved. When I told her that I was running for judge, she was genuinely excited for me and offered to help. She told me that she is thankful everyday for me and her life today is wonderful.

Other than my family, especially my husband and my two kids, nothing brings me greater joy than knowing that I have truly helped someone. I advocate for all my clients even if it is a simple traffic ticket. Knowing that I have given someone peace in their most difficult time is a reward to my heart.


This job can be tough and I will admit to some tears on the hardest days. It is my passion for mercy and justice that has compelled me to seek this office. My experience on so many sides of the practice of law gives me a unique perspective. Over 20 years of practice and 46 years of life, I have gained invaluable wisdom.

The job of a district court judge requires a great deal of time listening to others and making decisions based on the law and the judge’s own discretion. I have learned that in truly listening to others that I am a better advocate and can really make a difference in people’s lives. I know I would bring that to the bench. Please help me make a difference in the Guilford County Community by voting for me in the Democratic Primary for District Court Judge Seat 14.

*This story is shared with permission of my client.

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